Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amateur Singing Contest staples

Summer's almost here and I can't wait for the fiesta season in Baao. Nothing much have changed during fiestas:  the pa-bayle, the parade of majorettes and bands, of course, there's the novena and the amateur singing contest that comes after.  When I was little, me and my brother would always go to the ermita (chapel) every Saturday to watch the amateur singing contest. There was this one summer, when my uncle joined the contest but he was instantly eliminated. Hehe.

Huwatcha! Tom Jones ca. 1970s. This hairy-chested crooner is popular among contestants and watchers alike!

The reason that I know a lot of old songs now is probably because of these singing contests that I frequently watched when I was a kid. What I remember most are these two songs:

These two are the staple songs during amateur singing contests. The contest is held at least 2 months before the fiesta. There are usually 3 contestants every Saturday.  Whoever wins every Saturday will compete for the grand finals on the night of the fiesta. The prize ranges from 1 thousand to 5 thousand and I always wonder why there would be contestants from as far as Polangui or Canaman. The prize money would probably be not enough to pay for the bus ticket and food and costume. But there would always be contestants from towns far away. And they're usually the ones who win.

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